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2022 National US Masters Swimming Club of the Year

Masters of South Texas is a U.S. Masters Swimming "Gold Level" club that offers its members the opportunity for lifelong adult swimming in a supportive environment. We offer workouts every day of the week. Many of us participate in Masters swimming competitions, open water swims and/or triathlons, but over one-third of our members enjoy swimming simply for the benefits of training in water. All our coaches are certified Master coaches with an average of 20 years on deck.

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Read to Race: 2024 - "Some Like it Hot"

Pick up a NQT for Summer Nationals or prep for South Central Zones.

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Backyard Pool Stretch Cord Workouts

For those that are able to swim in your backyard pool on a stretch cord, we have 12 workout ideas that were created to offer variety and fun challenges vs. just swimming in place.


Dryland Stretch Cord Technique

We want to make sure you continue to do your land based stretch cord workouts with proper form to avoid straining your shoulder or creating opportunities for injury.


Fish Out of Water?

No pool to swim in? Check out these 20/20 Fit Ball workout plans which can be added to your current dryland exercises.


South Texas Masters Swimming
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Questions about Masters of South Texas? Email Coach Susan or call (210) 859-2859